The Personal Freedom You Deserve – Pilot Episode Real Freedom Channel

The Personal Freedom You Deserve - Pilot Episode

Welcome to Real Freedom Channel where you can achieve the Freedom You Deserve!

Does is seem like everyone you know is investing in Real Estate these days?
They’re flipping houses for big profits, doing AirBnB and in popular tourist destinations, adding single family homes and quickly growing rental portfolio, investing in multi-family properties and maybe they’re even buying storage unit properties. Well, it is easy to get that impression given how hot the Real Estate market had gotten. So I’d imagine you’re watching this right now because you’re wondering if everyone’s having all this fun and making all this money in Real Estate, shouldn’t you be doing it too?

Welcome to Real Freedom Channel. I’m James Spence, and I’ll be your host as we explore real people, real situations, real challenges, real solutions, and have the freedom you deserve.

I thought we knew how Real Estate investing works because of the shows I’ve watched. The celebrity investors buy a house at a deep discount in a great up and coming neighborhood. Then they show their superior interior design instincts, buy the necessary materials for the renovation, and within that 60 minutes TV segment, they sell a beautifully renovated home for a massive profit.

Well, after 4 years in this business and more than 100 transactions, I can honestly confirm that pretty much never happens. So if you think you want to start a real estate investment business because it’s going to be like the TV shows, you might be better off sticking to the TV show.

At The Real Freedom Channel, we don’t do real estate dream. We do real estate reality. What you can expect from the Real Freedom Channel will be interview with some of the top experts in all aspects of real estate from around the country. You can expect to learn about tools, tips and techniques that are being used by people that are actually getting it done. You can learn from our successes, but maybe more importantly, you can learn from the mistakes of our business and others. You’ll go on to make your own mistakes but by learning from others, yours should be smaller and easier to overcome. One of the reasons that our business grows so quickly is that we’re involved with a network of investors from around the country. We all do pretty similar things, and we all learn from one another. We’ve got people that invest in almost every market in the country and saw them even internationally. We share best practices, pro tips, emerging opportunities, and about what is working and what’s not.

We decided to launch this channel to be able to encapsulate some of those key learnings to help you figure out if this is really something for you. Wherever you are on the spectrum, whether you’re wanting to learn how to do your very first deal, you’re a realtor or broker who wants to explore investing, or simply just want to learn, Real Freedom Channel has something to offer you.

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Join us as we explore people, real solutions, real challenges and real solutions.

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